The Goal of fontJAM

The fontJAM project aims to simplify and standardize the deployment of web fonts to a point where self-hosting becomes trivial.

It wants to achieve this by defining a file format incorporating information about where to get and how to build webfonts that can be used to generate static font hosting sites as small as a fonts/ directory on your own webspace or, with the accompanying GUI, as big as Google Fonts (provided you have enough resources 😉).

Generated font hosting sites shall contain JSON metadata that can be fetched from JavaScript to easily build client-side applications around them, that do not need a (non-static) server component.

To ensure that that information about fonts needs not be re-collected by each and every person who wants to self-host fonts, fontJAM lastly also aims to build a free and open database of Font Definition Files.


The fontJAM software is composed of multiple sub-projects:

Project status

This project is currently in development. Please feel free to contribute!

A good place to start is the Codeberg repository of the fontJAM Font Site Generator:

Design Documents

This list of Design Documents will give you an overview on what is currently planned:

Legal information

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